Super Nova Chain

combines shipping perspectives to carry out technological

innovations in the areas of “smart documents, asset regulation, de-intermediation, shipping insurance, data auditing”, and strives to achieve efficient tracking, management and processing from goods to stocks.

Pass distribution

It is well known that the pass rights in the blockchain are characterized by anonymity and decentralization, but this feature is a bad project.
Use, causing adverse consequences.(Super Nova Chain) technical team to ensure that this vulnerability is solved, through a large amount of time
This problem was solved to ensure fairness, openness and impartiality.The technical team has received the support of investors and applied the
Release mechanism

A total of 3 rounds of pre-sales, a total of 2.52 million

  • A wheel to booking:1 million First round offer price: $0.15

  • B wheel to booking:800,000 First round offer price: $0.16

  • C wheel to booking: 720,000 First round offer price: $0.17

Investors, companies, technical teams: According to $0.15 as a reference, the price of the certificate increases by 10 times, investors, companies, technologyThe team can release 1%, and when the price of the certificate rises to 1000 times, the release is completed.Project visionThe Super Nova Chain operations team is formed by a pass holder and supported by a well-known technical team.Let each participant lead to a true path of freedom

Business model

  • Super Nova Chain is an open source sharing technology

    First of all, Super Nova Chain is a technology open source sharing.After the successful development of the blockchain application is patent application or open source sharing, which is a major problem that plagues corporate
managers.One thing is for sure. To expand the ecosystem of shipping applications, technology open source for interactive protocols and data formats is the best proof of system transparency, security and fairness.More critical is to ensure the contract between the various sites.Because there is no need to encourage accounting in the alliance chain, there is no need to use "computing power" as a scarce resource. At this time, only through technology open source, "must be booked" becomes the core contract of the enterprise, that is, the data is synchronized through open source means. , computing, and auditing capabilities.

  • SDevelop high concurrency alliance chains

    The block chain can be divided into public chain, private chain and alliance chain according to the access right and management right. Private chains are built within an organization to help it perform audits and other tasks. The alliance chain adopts multi-center grid mode, which is specially established for specific services and can establish data。In different logistics business as the center, the data consistency is the biggest problem of distributed storage, concurrency is higher, the greater the probability of the conflict, is the problem of public chain can't overcome, but as the main players in the league chain is not much, so don't have to be each node illustrates this point, make "side chain technology, lightning network consensus" mechanism can achieve higher concurrency performance.

  • Establish an asset anchor processing center

    The asset anchor processing center was established to transform the physical assets into tokens on the blockchain, complete the winding process of the original assets and the settlement of cross-asset category transactions (cross- chain), and at the same time clarify the legal attributes of the smart contracts, including intelligence. The nature of the contract, its constituent elements and the rights and obligations of the participating entity.The enterprise pays the deposit (or letter of credit) to the center according to the regulations, and the center re-circulates the letter of credit to maximize profits.Although the establishment of the asset anchor processing center violates the original intention of “decentralization”, any technology landing cannot be achieved overnight. We must seek a balance between decentralization and centralization.

Application scenarios/ecology

  • Smart card

  • Asset supervision

  • De-intermediation

  • Shipping insurance

  • International Clearing

  • Data audit

News and information

  • What is blockchain?

    Blockchain is a new application mode of distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm and other computer technologies.

  • Super star system profit source

    At present, it takes 2-3 days for banks to transfer foreign exchange through the network of global bank Telecommunication Association, and the handling fee is as high as 6% of the total amount of remittance; while the foreign exchange exchange through blockchain technology can make the remittance arrive in 10 minutes, and the handling fee is only about 1% of the total amount of remittance, making the cross-border payment service convenient, cheap and ready to use.

  • These are the 7 problems that the current blockchain faces, each of which is worth several hundred million

    The winter of blockchain is melting. In 2018, expectations for blockchain technology and the value of cryptocurrencies have fallen to low points. Of course, the "winter" of blockchain is very painful.

Core members

  • Emanuel Gadaix Chief Scientist

    Emanuel has spent 25 years developing pioneering businesses and products in e-commerce, security, financial technology and telecommunications. He is a pioneering industrial technology entrepreneur who has provided services for world-class famous enterprises such as Nokia, Reuters, PricewaterhouseCoopers, ortel, orange and MTN. He contacted blockchain technology in 2015 and is now committed to the research and promotion of encryption algorithm and distributed technology.

  • Julius Bencko Lead Designer

    Julius has over 15 years of experience in graphic design, dynamic graphics, animation, video and photography. Some of his works are also included in several books and publications published worldwide. The freewheeling artist also co founded and designed Megaupload and all of its subsites. I have unique style and rich experience in UI and front-end interaction design.

  • Marc Weistroff Product Developer

    Marc has been a senior architect in Google technologies for seven years and has a wealth of knowledge in building and delivering web applications to the market, including blockchain payment strategies. Also out of interest in the depth of potential technology, he brought his own insights into the products he developed.

  • Bonnie Lam Chief Architec

    Bonnie graduated from the Department of computer science, Princeton University. He is a top architect. He used to work in AWS and was responsible for database building, storage and CDN research and development. He was formerly the director of MBI.

  • Igor Mino Backend Developer

    Igor, the former chief technology officer of airbitclub, is the first blockchain enthusiast with more than 10 years of experience in network development. As an all- round network developer, he has been working with a network hosting company to build a distributed control system. Igor has witnessed the innovation of Internet technology. He always keeps up with the new technology and strives to find the perfect solution.

Cooperation Organization